Instructor Profile Information

Jose Casaudoumecq

Phone: 7865148688
Mobile Phone: 786.514.8688

Conduct most training?
State: FL
Other: Homestead General Aviation Airport

Instructor Certifications

USPPA Foot Administrator
Certification Date:

USPPA Tandem Administrator
Certification Date:

USPPA Foot Launch
Certification Date:

USPPA High Wind
Certification Date: 05/22/2012

USPPA Tandem Foot Launch
Certification Date:

USPPA Wheel Launch
Certification Date:

Certification Date:

School Affiliation
School: Aerolight, LLC.
Other: Paramotor Instructor, LLC.

Training Offered to Students

Type of Training:
United States Powered Paragliding Association (USPPA)

USPPA - Foot Launch:
PPG3-High Wind Special Skills
High Wind Instructor-FL
Tandem Foot Instructor Trainee-FL
Tandem Foot Instructor-FL

USPPA - Wheel Launch:

Towing used in instruction?

Tandem used in instruction?

Offers equipment sales?

Motor Brands?
FLY Products paramotors and Propulse paramotors

Wing Brands?
ITV, Ozone, APCO Aviation, Paramania, etc.

Harness Brands?
Sup'Air and APCO Aviation.

Additional Information

PARAMOTOR INSTRUCTOR offers foot-launch, trike-launch and quad-launch training in Miami / Homestead area of South Florida. Senior chief instructor Jose Casaudoumecq is a USPPA instructor and tandem administrator with 28 year's experience in teaching and 30 years of combined experience flying hang gliders, hang gliding trikes, powered parachutes, paragliders and paramotors. For further information on training and equipment you can contact PARAMOTOR INSTRUCTOR at: Web: E-mail: Phone: +1 (786) 514-8688 Skype: ParamotorInstructor PPG training all year round. We offer immersion training programs for new pilots who want to learn this exciting and complex sport thoroughly, as well as advanced training for pilots who want to improve their flying skills. We also offer introductory foot-launch tandem flights and rentals to USPPA certified pilots.