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Incident Statistics

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Year: 2012
Total Records: 30

Male: 30
Female: 0

Type of Incident
Not Applicable: 0 (more)
Fall: 2 (more)
Hard Landing: 3 (more)
Collision with Terrain/Obstruction on Ground:  3 (more)
Wing Malfunction or Deflation: 3 (more)
Line Tangle/Damage: 2 (more)
Powerplant/Equipment Malfunction: 8 (more)
Handling: 0 (more)
Body Contact with Spinning Prop: 4 (more)
Collision with Other Aircraft/Ultralight: 0 (more)
Water Immersion: 2 (more)
Other: 3 (more)
Unknown: 0 (more)

Pilot/Passenger Injury Severity
Not Applicable: 7 (more)
None: 12 (more)
Minor Injury (No Hospital Visit): 3 (more)
Minor Injury (Hospital Visit, Treated and Released): 2 (more)
Major Injury: 4 (more)
Fatal: 2 (more)
Unknown: 0 (more)

Primary Cause
Not Applicable: 2 (more)
Pilot Error Preflight/Postflight: 1 (more)
Pilot Error on Take-Off: 3 (more)
Pilot Error Inflight: 7 (more)
Pilot Error on Landing: 0 (more)
Pilot Error and Mechanical Failure: 2 (more)
Pilot Error and Weather: 2 (more)
Mechanical Failure: Harness: 0 (more)
Mechanical Failure: Wing: 1 (more)
Mechanical Failure: Powerplant/Propeller: 8 (more)
Weather (Gust, Thermal, Rain, Wind Increase, etc): 0 (more)
Fuel Exhaustion: 0 (more)
Tight Takeoff/LZ Area: 0 (more)
Wake: 0 (more)
Other: 2 (more)
Unknown: 2 (more)