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Year: 2012
Total Records: 30
Torque Twist Causing Riser Twist Shortly After Tak
Location: Cloverdale, California
Date:12/22/2012 Time:0900
Remarks: I'm new to the sport with approximately 15 flights and around 5 hours of fly time. Using a Flat Top 200 with a Simonini engine, I did a forward launch in shifting winds with close to full power. Immediately after takeoff the unit angled to the left about 30 degrees. My wing was slightly behind me an (read more)

Brake loop caught between lines on takeoff
Location: Naperville, Illinois
Date:11/20/2012 Time:3:45
Remarks: I did a forward launch in lite winds. Somehow, during inflation, the brake loop in my left hand (the hand which also held the throttle) came out of my two fingers and wedged in between two lines on my front left A risers. I did not notice until I was taking off as I was looking up to check my wing a (read more)

Low pass on beach leads to crash
Location: Baja Mexico
Date:10/28/2012 Time:4:30
Remarks: *** Editors note: Due to incident database rules we have removed the name of the instructor involved. This instructor is NOT a USPPA certified instructor. We encourage you to seek qualified instruction from USPPA Certified instructors. The other details remain to illustrate how important it is to (read more)

Inflight Catastrophic failure of Redrive on Nirvan
Location: Silverdale. WA 98383
Date:10/02/2012 Time:1900
Remarks: equipment: Nirvana Rodeo paramotor with Nirvana Carbon Cruise trike. Engine is a Simonini 2 28hp 2 stroke. 30 hrs, perfectly maintained. Date October 2012 location Silverdale, WA 98383 cause of accident: Spontaneous failure Pinion shaft that holds big pulley onto the engine while in flig (read more)

Unintended spiral resulting in impact with water
Location: Unknown
Date:09/25/2012 Time:n/a
Remarks: Advanced student wanted to do a steep turn and on a casual day of flying asked his instructor to give him tips on the radio. The student entered the turn aggressively and went into a spiral. The instructor immediately gave recovery instructions but it was too late and the student spiraled into t (read more)

Arm contact with spinning propeller
Location: In a garage
Date:09/10/2012 Time:1300
Remarks: So yet another dumb prop injury. In September was working on my engine in the garage. Was considering the addition of a shielding system to stop the ignition from producing radio interference when using my aviation band radio. Part of this involved making slight adjustments to the shielding and then (read more)

loss of throttle
Location: carson river, silver springs, nv
Date:09/08/2012 Time:1000
Remarks: While cruising at 1100' AGL I lost throttle. I called my emergency responce teem(the wife)and told her where I was going down. After a rough landing in sage brush and a short exam of the throttle linkage, this is what I found. The small brass fitting on the carb that the throttle cable attachs to (read more)

clogged carburator
Location: Delton, Michigan
Date:09/08/2012 Time:5pm
Remarks: I was returning to my launch site...aprox. 1.5 miles away at an altitude 450 agl when my engine suddenly stopped. I immediately started looking for a suitable landing site. I located an Alfalfa Field and started doing "S" turns to burn off altitude. Once I knew I had the field made I swooped in (read more)

engine failure
Location: NE. Mount Vernon,IL
Date:09/08/2012 Time:5:30 pm
Remarks: As I was cruising at about 250 ft. my engine suddenly shut off. I made a safe landing nearest to the road that I could out of the corn field I was flying over. After getting my equipment home and tearing down the engine I found the problem was a seized crankshaft bearing on the prop side. Engine has (read more)

Throttle cable contacted Prop.
Location: London, Oh.
Date:08/27/2012 Time:19:30
Remarks: Upon takeoff and after gaining altitude at about 200' I go to slide in my seat and I hear chomp chomp and realize ( no throttle now ) that the prop has eaten the throttle cable. The sheathing on the cable now looks like a tangled piece of barbed wire although it did not sever. Like wise the kill wir (read more)

Blown out to sea with Agamma and VHF radio
Location: Key West Florida
Date:08/13/2012 Time:1700
Remarks: Aug 2012: The pilots saw the small squall in the distance and decided to launch anyway. The winds were 5 miles an hour at launch but at 200 feet the wind was over 25 knots and he was immediately pushed the opposite direction and out to Sea. He said that as he was being drawn out to sea he was climbi (read more)

Contact with tree on aborted landing / go around
Location: Saint-Apollinaire Canada
Date:07/31/2012 Time:20:00
Remarks: Conditions were good with winds approximately 4MPH. The student was on his 17th flight and had no radio with him. As he came in for landing he was cross-wind and his wing started to oscillate. The student decided to power up and initiated a left turn downwind near trees. The wing clipped the top (read more)

Loose Spark Plug wire makes for unexpected landing
Location: Massey Airport, Massey Maryland
Date:07/17/2012 Time:1800
Remarks: Motor started running rough upon starting, so I went into troubleshooting mode and in the course of that switched out the spark plug with a new one. I noticed at the time I put the spark plug cap on the new plug that it seemed not as tight as with the old spark plug, but paid it no mind (mistake # (read more)

wing oscillation escalating into frontal collapse
Location: Toronto Canada
Date:07/05/2012 Time:19:40
Remarks: (Copied from Yahoo Group List) One of our fellow Ontario PPG pilots was seriously injured flying near Toronto last Thursday, braking a leg and damaging 4 vertebrae. He underwent surgery and is recovering nicely. The current prognosis is good - he will likely be able to resume normal life in th (read more)

Full throttle at start / body contact with prop
Location: Quebec Canada
Date:06/18/2012 Time:n/a
Remarks: (copied from narrative, not all details known). Pilot was having difficulty starting his motor. When the motor did start the movement of the machine caused the pilot to depress the throttle fully. The pilot lost control of the machine and his arm pressed through the netting and made prop contac (read more)

Crash of first solo flight takeoff
Location: Morgantown, PA
Date:06/16/2012 Time:19:30
Remarks: Accident occurred on student’s solo flight attempt. During inflation and takeoff, the wing began to move over and in front of the student. Student began to fall and released throttle. As student was trying to hit kill switch, the student fell onto his left side as motor was still running. As student (read more)

Spiral dive loss of control
Location: Yucatan Peninsula Mexico
Date:06/15/2012 Time:13:00
Remarks: Pilot was on the last flight of his day in perfect conditions at about 120 ft ASL and about 150ft from the LZ when he initiated a tight spiral approaching the ground low and fast with body almost horizontal to the ground. When the pilot was about 30 ft AGL another pilot in the LZ started running t (read more)

Inflight Drive Belt Malfunction
Location: Phoenixville, Pa
Date:05/31/2012 Time:1830
Remarks: Cruising up the Schuylkill River when the drive belt malfunctioned. I shut the engine down to prevent internal damage and descended into a grass field. EHV lines prevented a straight-in approach to the field adjacent a bark-park. Contributin (read more)

Expecting the Unexpected
Location: Morgantown PA
Date:05/27/2012 Time:2100
Remarks: I want to share an experience from last weekend that certainly made me think and one that might be beneficial to other pilots.

Sunday evening was beautiful and I was at 1100’, about 30 minutes into the flight. Out of nowhere, I heard a loud bang and my power was suddenly reduced to (at bes (read more)

Flying Glider Outside of its Limits
Location: Panama City Beach/ Beach Blast
Date:05/09/2012 Time:11:30
Remarks: Flying time trials at the Beach Blast Pylon Races. Pushed glider too hard and flew it outside of it's recommended form and collapsed wing flying 40' AGL. Fell 40' and fractured my pelvis in 3 locations, 3 facial fractures from wearing open faced helmet and Adhesive Capulitus of shoulder from impac (read more)

Sitting down too soon can cause money and pain
Location: Florida
Date:05/04/2012 Time:0900
Remarks: Pilot is rated PPG2 on trike. Pilot was foot-launching when he felt lift he sat down. Bad move. The result was prop contacting cage while he was in the sitting position and then he went forward onto belly resulting in prop hitting the back of his upper right arm. See photo. Ouch. Stay on your feet u (read more)

Wing Stall. Dropped 40 feet and hit the ground.
Location: St. Johns river, Christmas, FL
Date:04/29/2012 Time:8:30
Remarks: A wing can stall without applying to much brake pressure. Some think a wing stall can only happen with to much brake pressure, WRONG. A fellow pilot took my picture moments before I crashed and my hands were up. I wanted to share a couple of lessons I learned after my wing stalled 4-6-12 and agai (read more)

Hard Landing - turn to close to ground
Location: florida
Date:04/26/2012 Time:0900
Remarks: Pilot received PPG 2 using a trike. Pilot was performing a foot launch. Launch was successful. However, motor was missing making climbout difficult. Pilot made turn back to field at less than 50ft to attempt a downwind landing and avoid obstacles outside the landing zone. Turn was fine and pilot (read more)

Power line collision and crash
Location: Columbia, Boone County, MO
Date:04/09/2012 Time:1930
Remarks: Pilot was alone and maneuvering low in calm sunset conditions. Crossed road low while enjoying flight and forgot about paying attention to power lines.
Pilot collided with power lines high on lines near wing, which caused him to swing under the wire and impact the ground on his back. Pilot (read more)

Failed launch and impact on railroad tracks
Location: Tontogany, Ohio
Date:03/25/2012 Time:5:30pm
Remarks: Launch field is a 2 acre right triangle with 4' high raised railroad bed on the east side diagonal leg. Launching on a trike from the corner opposite the railroad but heading towards the tracks in near calm winds and planned to curve the launch run to parallel the tracks for final launch. Inflati (read more)

Real Dumb - Complacency
Location: Warrenton, Oregon. Our shop.
Date:03/15/2012 Time:12:00
Remarks: (As posted in PPG big list.) An uneventful post about complacency: Recently, I decided that it's time to sell my old Walkerjet RR, since I don't fly it much at all anymore. Yesterday, I finally set aside an hour or so get it running again and get it all cleaned up ready for sale. I put s (read more)

Expensive motor malfunction, and dangerous high wi
Location: Ogden, Utah
Date:03/05/2012 Time:18:00
Remarks: Decided to go flying over a frozen lake as the conditions were to be perfect that day.... Launch area was in a parking lot with 4 inches of snow/slush. After failing a few attempts at launching in no wind (couldn't run fast enough in the snow to lift off) and waiting for 4 hours for the slightest (read more)

Severe Finger injury from pull start cord
Location: Spain
Date:02/05/2012 Time:
Remarks: Las Candelas, near Séville, Spain. Sunday mid-morning, during one leg of the competition where 2 pilots are head to head on the same circuit, one of my friends, who was competing, tried to foot start his engine but the knot went through his handle. Luckily for him, not so much for me, he was quick (read more)

Prop Injury On Launch
Location: California
Date:01/25/2012 Time:
Remarks: Preliminary information only: On forward launch, pilot got hand in prop. (read more)

Knee Injury
Location: Meadow Lake Airport, Falcon, Colorado
Date:01/14/2012 Time:1600
Remarks: On take off, I was only about 3 feet into the air when I made a rookie mistake and sat down into my seat way too early, causing me to drop to the ground. I planted my left foot on the ground, and when I did, my knee went to the inside and I heard something pop. I knew I had did some damage to my kne (read more)