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Year: 2015
Total Records: 8
Prop strike
Location: Friant, Ca
Date:10/02/2015 Time:0930
Remarks: Didn't kill the motor prior to landing (belt drive) due to lack of recent experience and some distraction. Once out of seat and in landing runout post-flare with hands up, top of cage shifted forward while right hand just happened to be moving back rapidly, most likely from the run and lack of recen (read more)

Midair Collision
Location: North Carolina
Date:08/21/2015 Time:
Remarks: After talking with the distraught pilot who described the awful experience, he allowed it to be posted here. The hope is that others could learn, be encouraged to even greater vigilance, and avert having a fun, simple, benign flight degrade so quickly into tragedy. They weren't filming, they weren't (read more)

Date:07/25/2015 Time:6:41
Remarks: I had put a metal pin on my throttle trigger to act as a "cruise control" and it stuck the throttle on full at launch. I panicked and DID NOT THINK to use the kill switch or fly the wing and it started swinging from side to side while I was trying to unstick the throttle trigger with my pinky finge (read more)

fire @1200 feet
Location: south of Dunnellon high school Dunnellon, FL
Date:06/27/2015 Time:08;15
Remarks: Saturday morning I went for a cross country flight from Dunnellon Airport To Crystal River and back. Wanted to check out all the boats going scalloping, for the first day of the season. Almost back to the airport. Flying at 1200 feet over the Rainbow river. I notice my back getting hot. Turn to see (read more)

Toggle in prop
Location: Fort Smith
Date:05/20/2015 Time:
Remarks: Had been flying for a few minutes. Had found a plastic bag to drop and chase around the sky. Done this many times before. Usually can catch it. Sometimes it ends up in the lines, but this isn't a big deal since its so light. This time I missed the catch (about 100 feet above ground into wind) and th (read more)

Slip and fall on wet grass
Location: United States
Date:05/07/2015 Time:7:30am
Remarks: Went to launch and slipped on wet grass from the Morning dew. (read more)

Brake Handle Caught in Propeller
Location: Pensacola Beach, FL
Date:04/19/2015 Time:1500
Remarks: During a test flight of a new wing I had been enjoying its performance during low flying manoeuvres and after collecting a beach toy (with my foot during low flight) I climbed away with full power. At about 10-15 feet I raised the right brake towards the fully-up (retracted) position and let it go (read more)

Powerline contact
Location: Norman, OK
Date:03/07/2015 Time:1700
Remarks: Experienced power loss at about 500'. Was flying over a small park with a large open field in front. Followed a gas pipeline easment between rows of houses focusing on making it over a privacy fence to safely land in large open field. Once I realized the fence was made, saw powerlines on other side (read more)