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Year: 2014
Total Records: 7
Title Date:Time    
  Power line strike and a close call with one (watch  
  Location:   11/07/2014:   View Details  
  Remarks:  I was out early one morning filming aerials in a light fog when power lines appeared out of nowhere. It was a very close call as they were virtually invisible until the last second. The power lines were not expected out in the middle of nowhere. And if one were not enough… here is another (read more --->

  Overconfident pilot wing collapse  
  Location: Newberry FL 32669   08/16/2014:1000   View Details  
  Remarks: Although a very low time pilot, he was highly motivated & a fast learner. In his 3 week of flying he was flying as well as a 5 year PPG2 pilot. On this flight he had been airborne for 20 min., doing aggressive low level turns & figure 8's. Then he entered a "roller coaster" type maneuver, diving (read more --->

  Downwind Landing On Trike w/ Injury  
  Location: Hilly Northern California Site   04/19/2014:1900   View Details  
  Remarks: Pilot was flying a student intro flight on a tandem. At some point while maneuvering for a landing, the engine quit. He did not have enough altitude to turn back into the wind and wound up facing two bad choices: 1) land into a barbed wire fence or 2) roll the trike. He rolled it. The student, r (read more --->

  Low Level Acro Crash in Wheat Field.  
  Location: United States   04/18/2014:6:45   View Details  
  Remarks: I was 15 minutes into my flight waiting for other pilots to get airborne at our nearby field. During this time I had been practicing low level maneuvers over a wheat field. I continued low level spirals from about 100 feet up attempting to touch the wingtip across the tops of the wheat grass. (read more --->

  Hand into prop while warming up my motor!  
  Location: Kitty hawk air field San Antonio Texas   04/15/2014:5pm   View Details  
  Remarks: Guys I'm writing this reiterate the dangers of starting your motors on the ground. My incident happened very fast, I was the first of 3 pilots to arrive at our local LZ. I unloaded my gear, laid my wing out and was ready to warm my motor up. The other pilots arrived. I started my motor, one of the n (read more --->

  Motor kill swithch failure  
  Location: Medina Ohio   03/11/2014:1700   View Details  
  Remarks: I am writing this to reiterate the importance of a proper preflight. I started my engine for the first time this spring. When I tried to shut it off, both kill switches failed. I found that the wire was broken inside of the insulation just before a grounded ring terminal. This occurs from engine vib (read more --->

  Mid Spiral Malfunction Causes Broken Back  
  Location: Lake Wales, Florida   01/05/2014:08:12   View Details  
  Remarks: Just after 8:00AM the pilot took off from Chalet Suzanne airport intending to demonstrate the PK system on the Dudek Snake, as well as to work on a few aerobatic maneuvers over the nearby lake.

After rounding the pattern at approximately 800' the pilot turned the glider right into a (read more --->