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Year: 2019
Total Records: 5
Catastrophic Hangpont Failure causes instant Death New
Location: Arcadia Florida
Date:05/18/2019 Time:08:00
Remarks: Narrative by PPG pilot Bob Harrison

61 year old Tony Littell passed away in a PPG accident on the 18th morning of May 2019, in Arcadia, FL.

Tony received initial PPG instruction from a USPPA instructor but decided to essentially self train before he had soloed.

Accid (read more)

Exhaust silencer melts hole in gas tank in-flight New
Location: Houston, TX
Date:05/16/2019 Time:7:30
Remarks: The silencer on the exhaust of my Vittorazi Moster 185 plus came loose and slide down. This caused the exhaust outlet to come into contact with the 18L gas tank I had installed on the frame/motor and it melted a hole in the gas tank in-flight. Other than equipment damage there were thankfully no s (read more)

PPG pilot with less than 30 flights struck wooden
Location: Holmen, Wisconsin
Date:04/19/2019 Time:1900
Remarks: PPG pilot with less than 30 flights struck wooden football goal post with a couple of wing lines at launch and broke off the goal post at about 14 feet off the ground. Pilot was yanked from about 15 feet above ground to his right and continued rotating so that just before striking the ground he was (read more)

Crash with injuries.
Location: Winder, Ga.
Date:04/13/2019 Time:
Remarks: Motor had been running fantastic for many flights. Took off perfect and was flying about 10 minutes near a golf course. Was flying at about 40 feet high and had just started climbing out when I Heard bump bump and the motor died. I wasn't high enough to make an out. Only had 5 seconds as I started d (read more)

Pilot struck by his prop after accidental throttle
Location: San Diego
Date:01/04/2019 Time:1200
Remarks: Reported by another pilot.

Instructor pilot had started the motor and was warming it up while standing in front of it. He was using a "finger throttle".

At some point he inadvertently throttled up enough that the motor lurched forward and pushed into his shoulder causing the prop (read more)