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Year: 2016
Total Records: 4
A fall to remember New
Location: Beach , LZ , Panama City Beach , Fl
Date:05/11/2016 Time:1930
Remarks: While trying to preform a Landing maneuver at Beach Blast16 , I believe I created my own demise by several factors. 1) My altitude , Too low. 2) Grabbing the wrong Steering apparatus. 3) Intimidated by the amount of spectators at the LZ. I tried to preform the landing that Jeff Goin created (read more)

Paraglider stalls due to poor decision to fly in s
Location: Flying alone from my home airfield, Greenleaf, Wis
Date:01/09/2016 Time:15:30
Remarks: Summary of contributing factors: 1.) Poor decision to fly based on questionable weather conditions (impatience). 2.) Semi-wet weather causing (moist/damp wing and loss of lift) 3.) Small size, higher end (advanced) paraglider. 4.) Trimmed slow (trimmed out faster or to neutral would have helpe (read more)

Stuck Right Brake Toggle, Locked Right Turn
Location: Chesapeake, VA
Date:01/03/2016 Time:1530
Remarks: I was flying this evening testing avband comms with the ground crew against the Moster 185 on the SCOUT for practical use in long cross country flights.

Everything was good to go with the motor. The temperature was about 50F outside so I bundled up for a slight chill in flight to keep it co (read more)

Date:01/01/2016 Time:
Remarks: Pilot was starting his motor, holding the frame with his throttle hand and pulling with the other. It started and immediately went to some amount of power, maybe 25%, but that pushed his hand in a way that pushed more throttle, which quickly cascaded into a high power episode. He tried to stop the m (read more)