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Year: 2017
Total Records: 10
Prop Injury
Location: Panama City Beach
Date:07/19/2017 Time:4pm
Remarks: A Pilot with less than a years experience flying decided to train a student. He purchased a paramotor and brought it directly to the field where according to witnesses flew the unit without breaking it in or doing a hang test. One the first flight he was observed doing acrobatics and as a result cau (read more)

Powerline Incident
Location: Kentucky
Date:07/09/2017 Time:19:45
Remarks: Pilot dropped into a soybean field bordered by trees flying west into the evening sun. Pilot indicated he had flown the field in the past week. On the border where he dropped in, there were power lines crossing the field about 100' away parallel to the road. There was no power poles in the field, (read more)

attempting stalls
Location: Bear Creek reservoir, lakewood, CO
Date:07/01/2017 Time:19:30
Remarks: It might seem unbelievable, but I was actually thinking and remember what I was thinking….. its just it was not good thinking…. which will become obvious!!! I had intended to only try to “pre stall”, meaning to me that as soon as the wing began to stall (brakes began to become soft) I was to let of (read more)

Full collapse at 500 feet
Location: KLHM - Lincoln, CA
Date:05/28/2017 Time:18:30
Remarks: I was heading south from KLHM in Norcal towards the south @ ~500', on a thermally afternoon @ 6:30 PM and was curious as to why I was experiencing so much sink that, even with trimmers all the way in, I still was adding ~600rpms more than normal to maintain altitude. I also flew through a good numbe (read more)

Dudek Universal deep spiral into terrain
Location: 35°22'35.5?N 94°27'38.2?W Arkoma, Oklahoma
Date:05/26/2017 Time:19:40
Remarks: I was kiting from sod field about a half mile away. I observed two paramotor pilots flying north of my location at approximately 2000 feet. One of the pilots initiated a steep turn which developed into a spiral. The rate of rotation increased until I observed the wing and pilot descend below the (read more)

Crash at Hutchinson Island beach results in fatali
Location: Hutchinson Island Beach St Lucie County Florida
Date:05/11/2017 Time:1300
Remarks: Copied from news report. Pilot was flying alone. A 48-year-old Vero Beach man was killed Thursday afternoon in a paramotor accident on Hutchinson Island, said St. Lucie County sheriff’s officials. Arthur Levy died after his backpack-powered parachute crashed near Middle Cove Beach about 1 p.m (read more)

Severe injury on start
Location: The Compound Palm Bay, Fl.
Date:05/10/2017 Time:0715
Remarks: After numerous unsuccessful attempts to pull start his motor, the pilot decided to crack the throttle. On that pull the engine fired, pushing against his left hand that was holding the frame & throttle in a way caused the LH throttle to open fully. As the motor pushed, it then spun clockwise, his r (read more)

Hand / Propeller Contact During Launch
Location: Dallas, Texas
Date:05/05/2017 Time:1930
Remarks: Beautiful afternoon. When I arrived at launch site conditions were perfect for a reverse launch. Set up for reverse launch. Minor equipment malfunction caused 30 minute takeoff delay. During that time winds died down. Elected to do a reverse launch anyway due to poor judgement. During launch I stumb (read more)

Very close call, propellor accident handing paramo
Location: Fowler, IL
Date:03/23/2017 Time:
Remarks: Experienced USPPA Instructor Administrator was the person involved in this incident. Ironically he was in the midst of conducting the first practical exercise as part of an Instructor Certification Clinic. The theme of the exercise was for each participant to demonstrate how to safely start their ow (read more)

Motor failure on take off
Location: Britt Flight Park, Christmas, Florida
Date:03/11/2017 Time:07:40
Remarks: Nothing exciting in this incident; maybe some food for thought. Maintenance and mental issues can lead to blood and guts. Been flying PPG since 2004. It took several years before I could look in a mirror and say I feel confident there will be no more “accidental take-offs”. Mar 11/17, nice, ca (read more)